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Coaching is an empowering experience designed to help you develop life goals rooted in your core values.

Coaching is the perfect fit for those who are looking to develop new life goals and skills that will help them build a better future.

Personal Coaching

1:1 virtual coaching customized to meet the unique needs and goals of each client served.


Infusing client's personal goals into a dynamic coaching relationship empowers meaningful change and lasting outcomes.  

Personal coaching helps clients address:

  • Personal and existential challenges

  • Life transitions and changes

  • Career transitions and changes

  • Improve motivation and goal attainment

  • Values identification and implementation

  • Improve life satisfaction and overall quality of life

ADHD Support 


A woman with ADHD and a good sense of humor, Hannah's energetic, direct approach helps clients decipher what's "normal", how the ADHD brain works, and what its strengths and priorities are, while providing emotional support.

Still not sure what's right for you?

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