learn new skills

 Join us for this 12-week deep-dive into a proven program that helps its students develop the skills that empower them to move their life forward. 

What is "DBT"?  DBT [Dialectical Behavioral Therapy ] skills class is an effective combination of cognitive, behavioral, and acceptance-based skills and concepts combined to create an effective life-management approach.


The aim of the course is to help students learn how to identify and transform negative thinking patterns and behaviors into positive outcomes that empower a life worth living.

Why DBT?  For years, the DBT and its unique skill set has been shown to help thousands of people with varying life goals to help build life the quality of life they desire.


By providing practical skills students can use in their every day life, DBT helps people learn how to regulate their emotion and build self-management skills to improve self worth. 

Join us and begin to build your best life now!