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Are you a WA State resident looking for experienced clinical care delivered within an evidence-based, outcomes-driven format? Then psychotherapy services may be right for you.

(At this time psychotherapy services are only available in WA State)

Online Discussion



50 min / $165 per session

1:1 virtual therapy customized to meet the unique needs of every patient.


Combining formal evidence-based interventions from proven therapies like CBT, DBT, and ACT and infusing them into a neuroscience-informed, professional, and dynamic relationship, patients are able to address pain from the past to save their quality of life today and for the future.

Outdoors Meeting

Couples & Relationship


50 min / $175 per session

Using evidence-based therapeutic modalities, couples and family members are able to safely express feelings, needs, and issues they experience within the context of the relationship. 

A specialist in attachment, traumatic and toxic family systems, and their impact on adult relationships Hannah's unique knowledge and personal experiences combine to empower patients, partners, and families toward meaningful futures.


Please note that at this time all insurances are billed out of network. Sliding scale fees available upon application.

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