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virtual therapy & wellness coaching 

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Find what fits.

You are unique, your wellness services should be too. With various care and coaching services to choose from, forming a customized care plan has never been easier. 

Life Coaching & Individual Therapy 

Focuses on building actionable, life-changing goals that move clients forward toward their desired quality of life. Tailored to the unique needs and personalities of each client, individual services are a streamlined way to reach your life goals quickly. Learn more about which service is the best fit for you!

Professional Consultation

Professional, ethical, clinical and coaching consultation. Focused on empowering long-lasting outcomes and professional growth.

Relationship Coaching

Combining formal evidence-based interventions and infusing them into a neuroscience-informed, professional, and dynamic relationship, couples are able to address current challenges to save their quality of life today and for the future.

Classes & Seminars 

By providing practical skills clients and patients can use in their every day life, skills courses & wellness seminars help people learn how to regulate their emotion and build self-management skills to improve quality of life.

What clients & patients say

about Allen Therapeutics

"From the first meeting, Hannah was professional, knowledgable, and engaging... since then, her expertise has helped me discover new insights about myself that have changed my life."

Personal Coaching Client

 Allen Therapeutics 

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